Cinemagraphs will help you spice up your content to jumpstart your blog’s engagement rate.

One look at a cinemagraph and you’ll know that it’s a must-have for any blog – especially yours!  While using cinemagraphs on websites seems like the right decision to make from an aesthetic perspective, let’s not dismiss the fact that it can also help you improve your blog statistics and metrics.


What is your cinemagraphs target audience?


The reality is that most of your readers are likely to drop out of your blog post after the first 2 sentences.  

And the fact that you’ve read through this much is a good sign that we have your attention!  

But that’s because we know why you’re here.  

You want to understand how using a cinemagraph could help you keep your audience reading – just like you are now.  

But do you understand what your audience is looking for and what will keep them reading?

After all, cinemagraphs, like any other content marketing tool, will only be as good as how you use it and just as crucial as the content marketing strategy that is backing up your whole blog or website.  

Not all brands using cinemagraphs have achieved ideal results.


Because you need to start by knowing what types of cinemagraphs will appeal to your target audience or if it is something that will attract your audience at all.


Not all cinemagraphs are created equal.


Yes, my friend.  Not all cinemagraphs are the same.

You can’t just download some random cinemagraph from the internet just because you want to use it or have read that it is helpful in boosting your blog engagement.

Your cinemagraph needs to be consistent with your brand.  

Using it without any thought or strategy will make it stick out like a sore thumb.  It will look out of place and will be a waste of time, effort, and money.

We always help our clients through the design process.  We try to understand their brand’s identity, voice, and purpose.  This helps us into adding those little details that make the cinemagraph work consistently with the other content you have on your website.

Branding is, after all, one of the most vital components of your content strategy.  You need to be actively engaged in the design and selection of the elements of your cinemagraph in order for it to work.


Your audience is now more difficult to engage with than ever before.


Although you may achieve that “wow” factor by using a cinemagraph, it is important that you do not overwhelm your audience.

A study recently revealed that people now have shorter attention spans than goldfish.

So, your audience’s attention or excitement for cinemagraphs may easily wane if you do not use them strategically on the right digital marketing channels.

Your cinemagraphs shouldn’t be all over the place.

You need to use it tastefully in different areas of your website and even social media – such as your Facebook page’s cover photo!

Enhance your content marketing plan and select the right channels and occasions to use specific cinemagraphs.  You can tweak certain elements in your cinemagraphs to make them appropriate for a certain theme and scenario.


Cinemagraphs are here to stay.


Cinemagraphs are the next best thing in terms of digital imageries and design.  They’re beautiful and enchanting, but they are also proven to keep your audience entertained – not to mention, wanting more!

But it all depends on how you use it.

Your cinemagraph will only be as effective as your overall content marketing plan.  So, if you want to start using cinemagraphs – start there.

And, hey!  That’s precisely what we’re here for!  Social Imageries has been at the forefront of the conceptualization and design of digital and social media images for different types of audiences.  We’ve worked with solopreneurs, small businesses, agencies and corporate entities to help them achieve the look and feel of their content in order to boost their marketing strategy further.

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