We are slowly rolling into the next quarter. To a regular joe, a few months seem like a lot of time. In the world of digital marketing, October is when marketers start to plan a new social media marketing strategy.


Why not start with a social media makeover?

It is vital in creating the right image for your business, helps you stay relevant and gain a loyal following. If you’re not convinced that it’s a top priority, read our blog entitled “Why It Is Important to Get a Social Media Makeover”. The fundamental idea behind giving your business a social media makeover has everything to do with standing out from the crowd. If you’re a small business among the 50 million small businesses on Facebook, you should definitely take our two cents on the matter.

And if you’ve decided to give it a go, we would be happy to help you start. Perform a social media makeover by following this list of things to do.


Write a list of all your social media channels

Create a social profile on one of the major channels, if you haven’t done so already. Next is to note them down to ensure you update each one. If you end up missing one, your customers could get confused with inconsistent branding.


Switch from personal to business account

For Instagram and Pinterest, switch your personal accounts to a business account. This will help you keep track of your audience and provide user data to help upgrade your content.


Write (another) list of the sections which need updating

Do an audit of each channel. Check and update each section with fresh and relevant information. Include cover photos and profile pictures and take note of what size you need. Social networks change the dimensions quite frequently. Designers will need to adjust this to ensure any design element isn’t cut off from public view. And to save time, you should provide them with this list. For LinkedIn, Hootsuite has shared a great guide, click here to check it out.  


Invest in great quality design

At Social Imageries, we’re big on quality. We know that great quality produces great results on engagement. For you to gain more attention, invest in a graphic designer who is experienced, flexible, and professional.


Update your business’ profile pictures and headers

The first thing your audience will notice would be your profile and cover photos. For your profile pictures, we recommend you display your logo with a clean background. For cover photos, showcase an image or video that your audience will identify with. It could be a promo, event or message related to your brand.


Update relevant business information

Review the business hours, address, phone number, website, and email address sections of your business pages. You don’t want to make the mistake of causing your customers to think you’re closed when, in fact, you’re open.


Write an intriguing about section

Aim to intrigue your customers by providing a short background of your company and showcase your values and mission. It’s an often neglected section of any social media page. One best practice that digital marketers are doing is to write a succinct bio with a few sentences.

We’re excited to see your business produce results with this social media makeover. If you need help, we’re happy to help you get started with our Premium Plan.