If you haven’t heard of Cinemagraphs, no worries. They’re a little-known marketing tool that’s been gaining popularity for their ability to captivate as well as intrigue viewers.

What are they?

Cinemagraphs are technically a clever mix of a video and a still photograph. Created by digitally embedding looped video clips into the photos, giving the viewer an impression of watching an animation. The video in the photo repeats a single movement, usually something small enough to miss on first glance, but significant enough to make you feel like you need to take a second look.

If you need a point of reference, think about the news photographs in Harry Potter movies and how they’d make one constantly repeating movement to emphasize the story they came with.

What’s to love?

Well, for one thing, Cinemagraphs are just plain more interesting than still photographs. And when you consider the amount of information and input that a person is constantly bombarded with online, anything that is more interesting translates into an advantage.

The human eye is drawn to motion. Instinctively, we are attuned to catch the slightest shift in motion.

Cinemagraphs take advantage of this inherent trait by being constantly in motion. Even if the motion is missed once, something makes the viewer want to look again, because until they actually catch it, they will always feel a little “off” about the image.

Because it makes you look, a Cinemagraph makes an excellent vehicle to tell a story. It’s more effective, more engaging, and more likely to be shared (if it’s on social media) because, as we have mentioned before, anything that is more interesting tends to get the most attention.

Anything that has the element of surprise has a tendency to garner reactions. Cinemagraphs utilised on social media, whether it be ads, personal or business posts, it easily elicits comments and engagement, broadening your post’s reach easily and organically.

If you’re a brand who needs more engagement with their audience, these are definitely worth adding to your content mix.

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